SES was established on 1st of January 2005 integrating former State Environmental Inspectorate, 8 Regional Environmental Boards and Marine Environmental Board.

Since 1st of July 2009 in the course of reorganization, the Radiation Safety Centre was joined with SES and become the State Environmental Service Radiation Safety Centre of the Republic of Latvia.

    The goal of SES is to ensure the compliance of implementation of legislation framework in the area of the environment and natural resources protection, and control on radiation and nuclear safety.

    To strengthen the capacity of the State Environmental Service in the regions, structural changes have been made in 2020:

    • on 1st of January 2020 Zemgale Regional Environmental Board and united Vidzeme Regional Environmental Board were established
    • on 1st of November 2020 united Kurzeme Regional Environmental Board was established.

    Currently there are 6 Regional Environmental Boards of the State Environmental Service:

    • Daugavpils Regional Environmental Board
    • Lielrīga Regional Environmental Board
    • Kurzeme Regional Environmental Board
    • Rēzekne Regional Environmental Board
    • Vidzeme Regional Environmental Board
    • Zemale Regional Environmental Board