Execution deadline in working days
Any person
Receiving restrictions

If the blasting project coordination, blasting out places of extraction of mineral resources, surface water or surface water body protection zones

Process description

  1. Service requests
    1. Services can be received:
    • Spridzināšanas performer of work.
    2. Onsite service may require the State Environmental Service or by post.
    3. To submit the application of a blasting project. The application shall be accompanied by blasting a copy of the draft. Blasting mining project shall be established in accordance with the 03.01.2012. Cabinet regulation No. 25 „Conditions for blasting and procedure for harmonisation”.
    4. The application shall be prepared as a free form.

  2. Receipt of services
    1. Copy of the draft decision on harmonisation, and may receive visits or by post.
    2. When you receive a decision in person, shall be presented:
    • Natural person – personal identification document;
    the representative • legal persons – the document (token) attesting that the representative is plenipotentiary on the harmonisation of legal persons to obtain a decision on behalf of the Commercial Register, if a person not established in a legal person the right of representation.