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Water resources use permit is required for activities associated with regular surface and groundwater level, quality or regime change, in order to ensure the protection of surface water and groundwater and wise use of

Process description

  1. Service requests
    Onsite service may require, by post or email (sending an application with secure electronic signature, otherwise the application will be considered only as informative material and will need a signed application in paper format).
    Submit an application (in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Regulations No 736 1) in the relevant Regional environmental board of the NHS. The application shall be signed. At the request of the RMP agreed by the operator of the NHS to provide the necessary additional information.
    The submission shall indicate the way in which he or she wishes to receive technical regulations.
    Information on water resources are available permission level for the State Environmental Service Regional environmental administrations within the NHS Bodies
    Information on water resources use permit applications in the home page for Use of Water Resources permit applications
    Information about the quality of drinking water in the Health Inspectorate home page

  2. Receipt of services
    Show personal identification document or a token for authorization


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